AroxA Training

AroxA Training is a small boutique Training, Health and Safety Consultancy.

We are able to deliver quality outcomes through the utilisation of our consultant’s academic, professional and operational experience, along with access to a network of associates to complement our skills. Utilising a collaborative approach with our clients allows AroxA consultants to identify with and understand your needs, and achieve an outcome that is mutually beneficial to all stake holders. 

AroxA is able to deliver a range of National Recognised Training Courses* and will work with you to achieve the most successful outcomes for your staff, business or professional development. 

*“Training and Assessment is delivered in partnership with and under the scope of registration held by WorkSafe Connect (RTO 31385) and Health Services International (RTO 90468)”

Health / First Aid
  • Standard 11

  • Supervisors course (S 1,2,3)

  • G2​​​

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  • Manual handling

  • Fire warden

  • WHS

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Workplace Health
& Safety
  • CPR

  • LVR

  • Basic to advanced First Aid

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Mining​ Courses

Available Courses

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